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Frequently Asked Questions

What blockchain are you building Linkquid™ on?

Linkquid™ has two aspects, non-fungible and fungible. Our fungible and NFT assets are built on and facilitated by the Avalanche network.

This blockchain ecosystem utilizes the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), is low cost, and blazingly fast. Read more about it here.

How many tokens are for sale in the private investor raise?

We have authorized 200 million QUID for the private investor raise.

How many tokens are will be available to the public for purchase?

We will be releasing 10 million for decentralized and centralized exchange liquidity and another 140 million over a 12 month period after that initial exchange launch as further liquidity.

There is also a creator incentive fund where 90 million QUID will be awarded over an 18 month period to ramp up content for Linkquid™ utilization.

What price are the tokens selling for in the public raise?

Since we aren’t doing a public ICO or other similar token sales, but rather a private investor raise and then direct to exchange listing, there is no set pricing floor.

Due to the natural demand our ad buying mechanism will put on QUID, we expect this price to find equilibrium quickly and then grow steadily.

I haven’t heard of Ayozat™, what’s the true value they bring to the table?

Ayozat™ was founded by visionary technologist Umesh Perera, as a serial inventor he developed the system alongside Microsoft that helped identify millions of refugees over a thousand square miles and facilitated them reuniting with their families. The system developed by Umesh and Microsoft was utilized in creating National Insurance, Identity, and Tax systems, giving birth to the country of Kosovo.

Ayozat™ itself fundamentally started as a technology platform to improve the way media distribution was handled by media companies and distributors alike. Over time it has evolved into a media powerhouse of its own with dedicated terrestrial linear TV channel uplink in 3 major global regions, dedicated CDN (not a shared solution) with 54 points of presence worldwide, custom compression technology halving satellite transmission bandwidth for SD, HD, and 4K TV channels, wrapped encoding ingest enabling distribution to traditional linear TV and streaming OTT at the same time, and custom playout software allowing dynamic ad insertion among other things to both TV and OTT concurrently.

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