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Fixing A Broken System

The existing adtech industry led by tech giants like Google and Facebook use real-time bidding (RTB) for supply-side (SSP) ad delivery built on a foundation of invasively harvesting user data (your data). They’re also using 20-year-old outdated ad metrics that create inconsistent results and deliver shallow insights about potential customers. 

User Privacy

Over the last decade, consumer data protection has gotten progressively worse in the adtech industry, even with the rise of GDPR compliance meant to protect consumers. A cornerstone of adtech is the use of real-time bidding (RTB), backing this system is a portfolio of real-time personal information, browsing history, and other metadata about the consumer, used for targeted ad campaigns.

Outdated Ad Metrics

In the digital streaming and video ad space, viewers are seen as inactive passive participants. This mindset has perpetuated marketing behavior by brands and publishers that often push consumers further away. Advertising metrics like Cost per Mille or CPM further this divide as it categorizes consumers as external elements to the industry, rather than willing or encouraged participants.

One Dimensional

Many media, gaming, and streaming platforms typically implement some kind of monetization structure to promote viewer growth and engagement. For example, YouTube shares a split of its advertising revenue with the content creator incentivizing audience growth. These solutions are one dimension, however, limiting the ROI to a cost-in, cost-out transaction.

Next Generation of Advertising

Linkquid™ offers a groundbreaking reimagined digital advertising solution that is focused on rewarding consumers by paying them a portion of advertising campaign revenue based on their level of interaction with an ad, giving lucrative incentives for more engaged viewership and much deeper insights for advertising brands about their target audience.

  • Advertisers

    Key Differentiating Areas
    • Custom advertising network with integration into Magnite, Hoopla, and SpotX, the world’s largest ad inventory
    • Target marketing with new metrics giving better analytics and deeper insights on target viewers
    • GDPR data privacy compliant solution for ads
    • Stronger customer conversion from ads, with a projected average 60x increase over traditional CPM based campaigns
    • Access to the Ayozat™ network with a strong presence in betting sports, fighting sports, and gaming
  • Publishers

    Key Differentiating Areas
    • Access to combined ad inventory of Magnite, Hoopla, and SpotX for quick monetization of digital real estate
    • Linkquid™ connects seamlessly with existing adtech infrastructure, hooking into other SSP or DSP frameworks you might be using with existing advertisers
    • Easy to integrate blockchain wallet via consumer privacy vault giving a no-cost added benefit and traffic draw incentive to your site
  • Content Owners

    Key Differentiating Areas
    • Performance-based ad revenue split that proportionately rewards you more based on how engaged and interactive your audience is, greatly increasing the value of your monetization efforts
    • By adding Linkquid™ enabled distribution sites for your content, you give your viewers a chance to earn a piece of the advertisement revenue as well, incentivizing growth
    • Earn greater exposure for your content from your engaged followers, giving them a chance to directly influence your distribution efforts by granting you front page placement and other premium digital real estate
  • Consumers

    Key Differentiating Areas
    • Earn a share of the advertising revenue for ads you watch based on how interactive and engaged you are
    • Custom privacy vault that stores your browsing behavior in a private NFT, protecting your consumer profile on Linkquid™ enabled sites and enabling access to an NFT marketplace where advertisers pay for access to whatever you choose to share
    • More privacy and control over your data and over what is seen (or not seen) by advertisers when you choose to monetize it
    • Interact with and help promote your favorite content creators by staking QUID earned in the Linkquid™ ecosystem to support their work

The Ayozat – Linkquid Framework

The Ayozat™ Network is the backbone of the Linkquid™ system, it’s comprised of a streaming OTT platform, dedicated server space at tier-1 data center’s like Telehouse London, dedicated satellite hand-off locations in Atlanta, London, and Singapore, a CDN with 54 PoPs worldwide, custom advertising SSP, custom playout software, custom media player, and strategic partnerships like Encompass (global media distribution) and Magnite (largest ad inventory holder).

Linkquid™ is part of the Ayozat™ network, it hooks into our custom SSP providing a new ad metric engine replacing traditional Real-Time-Bidding and CPM models, gives a cryptocurrency based reward system for monetization of content owners and end-viewers, and facilitates the full protection and user-managed monetization of their personal browsing habits.

Built By and Powered On

Ayozat™ is a media and technology company that is positioned to be a significant disruptor in the sports, media, and gaming sectors with wide distribution to traditional TV channels and OTT streaming platforms.

Strategic Ayozat Alliance and Partnerships

Linkquid™ Launch Timeline

We’re already in the process of developing Linkquid™, so our timelines are fast when compared to a typical project of this scale, and because Ayozat™ has a fully functioning network with existing business lines, it makes this kind of launch a lot easier and the timetable much more reliable.

Linkquid™ QUID Tokenomics

We’re issuing 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) QUID Tokens in total. This number will be split into a couple of different pools for different functions within the Linkquid™ ecosystem.

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